Frequently Asked Questions:
Open Play
Q-Do you sell food?
A-We sell basic healthy snacks at the desk for $1. a piece.

Q-Can I bring in my coffee/drink or a snack?
A-Yes, as long as you keep it PEANUT FREE as our Snack Shack does.

Q-Do we wear shoes?
A-Adults can keep their shoes on as well as the kids except to jump on the bouncies in which case they should have on SOCKS.

Q-Can adults jump on the bouncies?
A-No, jumpy houses are only for the little ones.

Q-Who is in charge of my children?
A-Just like an outdoor playground, we ask that you be responsible for watching your own children, as well as making sure they adhere to our safety rules.

Q-What if someone else’s child is out of control and I don’t want to speak to their parent?
A-Someone is always at the desk as well as an “equipment manager” ,and we welcome you to let us know, if you need assistance in dealing with another guest.

Q-I am part of a moms group-do you have group rates?
A-Yes, we offer a group rate of $6./child if you are having over 25 children come in with your group. You will be asked to put the $150. for you first 25 children up front, on a credit card, and may pay the remainder at the end of your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Who counts as a child at my Party?

A – Every child over 12 months, and under 12 years counts as a child at your party.
Q – What food may I bring to my party?

A – You may bring in Cake and/or Cupcakes. No other food is allowed.

Q – What drinks may I bring to my party?
A – You may bring in drink for your party, as long as they are contained. (No pouring into cups.)
Q – How many servings is the cake in The Whole Shibang Package?

A – It is a half sheet cake, it serves 30-40 pieces depending on how big each piece is cut.
Q – What is in the Goodie bags?

A – 4-6 Small toys, like stickers, bouncy balls with at least 2 matching theme

Q – What time should I arrive for my party?

A – You should arrive no more than 15 minutes before your parties start time.
Q – Can grown-ups play on the equipment at my party?

A – Parents may play on everything except the inflatable equipment.

Q – Do you have invitations?

A – No, we do not offer invitations